Who will get the No.1 Playoff Seed in the AFC?

With the NFL season more than three-quarters of the way done it can’t be too early to begin discussing the playoffs. As the NFL expanded the playoff field for this season, only the top seeded team in each conference will receive a first round bye. In the AFC, some of the top contenders are theContinue reading “Who will get the No.1 Playoff Seed in the AFC?”

Tailgate 2020 1st Round NFL Mock Draft 1.0

The 2020 NFL Draft Class looks to be loaded from top to bottom. Highlighted by big name quarterbacks, and dominant defensive lineman, this Draft looks to be on of the best in recent years. Most notably, this class stands out for it’s incredible depth at Wide Receiver, with standouts like Jalen Reagor, from TCU, projectedContinue reading “Tailgate 2020 1st Round NFL Mock Draft 1.0”

Vanderbilt Basketball News and Turnaround

Vanderbilt basketball had a pretty decent start compared to their past few season (8-5). After losing to Auburn by 4 points Vanderbilt fans heard heartbreaking news that Aaron Nesmith, Vanderbilt’s star player, SEC leading scorer, was injured. I’m going to be saying how Vanderbilt can defy the difficulties and move on with a good season!Continue reading “Vanderbilt Basketball News and Turnaround”

King of the Hill – Boise State OC Zak Hill leaves for Arizona State

Boise State is packing its bags and heading south to Vegas next weekend to play Washington in the 2019 Mitsubishi Motors Las Vegas Bowl. Boasting another 12-win regular season, undefeated in conference play, the coach behind the scenes is Offensive Coordinator, Zak Hill is also heading south, but to Arizona State where he will hopeContinue reading “King of the Hill – Boise State OC Zak Hill leaves for Arizona State”

Chase Young plans to stay at Ohio State for 2020

Chase Young has been touted as a clear cut top prospect in this year’s draft, but he may not even be a prospect for this year at all. In an interview with TMZ, Young stated that his mind isn’t on the NFL at all for 2020, and he plans to return as a Buckeye nextContinue reading “Chase Young plans to stay at Ohio State for 2020”

Does Vanderbilt Have a Chance to Finish with a Winning/Even Record?

The big question. Many thought after a very rough start that Vanderbilt was going to have yet another not so great football season. Losing to Ole Miss, UNLV, Purdue, LSU, and Georgia in their first 6 games, but then Vanderbilt put on a show last Saturday and beat #22 Missouri. This showed a lot ofContinue reading “Does Vanderbilt Have a Chance to Finish with a Winning/Even Record?”

Can Vanderbilt Finish with a Winning Record?

Vanderbilt, a school very well known for great academics, a beautiful campus, and so much more. Today we’re not going to be talking about their great campus or academics but what we are going to be talking about is their college football team. Vanderbilt has not had a winning season in football since 2013. IContinue reading “Can Vanderbilt Finish with a Winning Record?”