Interview with 3 Star Wagner Signee OL Justin Curtis

  1. How did COVID and the uncertainty surrounding a football season in California affect the way your recruitment process played out? 

Even though Covid almost took away my senior season, it brought about new opportunities in the form of the chance to play football at IMG. If Covid never happened there’s a good chance I wouldn’t have ended up at IMG and would have never been able to secure the offers that I did. Covid gave me the opportunity to learn how to face adversity and still come out on top. 

  1. What was your experience playing at IMG?

IMG was amazing, it presented a challenge to learn from and become better everyday. I without a doubt grew a ton both as a player and as a person. 

  1. What led to your commitment to Wagner?

I committed to Wagner because it not only felt right but because the coaching staff convinced me. Coach Masella gave me the feeling that he runs a very family oriented program, which is exactly what I was looking for. Not to mention that the school seemed like a perfect place for me to grow.

  1. What are your thoughts on the new NIL rule changes?

Honestly I think that it is great that athletes can finally brand themselves. It gives the athletes a chance to use their talents to create wealth based off of their actions and person. Overall I’m looking forward to what it holds for others and myself moving forward. 

  1. Have you gotten any deals because of the NIL rule changes?

While I have not received any deals as of yet I’m hoping I can get in with the Barstool Athletes initiative as well as other companies down the road. 

  1. Do you think the FCS or FBS has a better playoff/postseason system? 

While I love that the bowl system has tradition and prestige, I still believe the FCS’ larger scale tournament style playoffs gives more opportunities to more teams. I really enjoy the parity in the FCS, aside from NDSU, of course. 

  1. What pro player do you think your playstyle is similar to? 

Although I’m far from it, Quenton Nelson is a player that I strive to be. I try my best to play as aggressively and as strategically as he plays whenever I’m on that field. Not only is he the best offensive lineman in the league, he is a top ten player overall in my opinion. 

  1. 2021 College Football Playoff predictions? 

I think this next year you’ll be seeing Ohio State vs Texas A&M in one semifinal and Clemson vs Alabama in the other. As for the FCS playoffs, I think you’ll be seeing Wagner make an appearance as well as the defending champs Sam Houston State.

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