MLB’s new plans

The MLB, along with every other major sports league, is losing a lot of money due to Covid-19.  Many plans have been tossed around, but none have seemed close to realistic. That is, until Jeff Passan reported the league’s latest plan.  

Under this proposed plan, every team would move its full roster, coaching staff, and anyone deemed essential to the Phoenix area.  With the Arizona Diamondbacks stadium and ten spring training stadiums, Arizona was an easier choice than Florida, where facilities are more spread out.  This plan sounds great, but there are significant issues.

Players would have to leave their families–potentially for the four-month season.  Even without fans, the players, coaches and staff of 30 people is a lot to try and maintain the health of.  Arizona is also not immune from the virus. With their hands already full, the city may object to the endangerment of their citizens.

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