MLB Playoffs

The MLB has reportedly been pushing around ideas for a new playoff format.  What is being proposed and are the new changes fair, or are they foul?

The current MLB playoff format has two wildcard teams and three division winners per league. The proposed changes include up-ing the number of wild card teams to four and letting higher seeded teams pick their opponents.  I do not oppose this: however, there are some necessary tweaks to the plan. To start with, the wild card games should still be the winner of all events. This is more exciting, is better TV, and would prevent the season from becoming drawn out.  To further my specifications, this would be a one versus four,.two versus three type situation. The winners of that play once in a winner take all games to advance to the LDS. For the pick your opponent part, that is ridiculous. The top seed will always pick the bottom seed.  I can’t think of a time in the last ten years where that has not been the case. Lastly, if the MLB wants a bigger playoff pool, the season should be shortened so that the ending date remains the same.

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