Why cold weather teams have more success then warm weather teams.

The great rivalry between North vs South its a constant debate in college football, but we rarely hear it in regard to the NFL. We always hear what conference is better in college football the debate between the Big 10 and SEC, yet we never hear this in the NFL. In the NFL there are 15 teams that play outdoors in the elements come the colder months of the year. There are 18 teams that qualify for this, but 3 play in a domes (The Colt, Lions and Vikings). So if more teams play out of the cold elements than in the cold elements then why are cold weather teams much more successful late in the NFL season. Ten out of the last eleven Super Bowl champions have been from the elements and this is because these northern teams are built tough with rock solid offensive lines, a smash mouth front seven, and a hard nose running attack. The front offices of theses teams play in the snow, rain and wind so they build their teams to survive in theses conditions. We all know the path to the Super Bowl runs through the cold weather. That is why we see year after year the cold weather teams wearing the crown at the end of the year. If you play in the nasty conditions then you are used to it and are built for it. If you don’t believe me then look at these stats! 34 of the 53 Super Bowl champions have been cold weather teams and 28 times the cold weather team has gone home a loser. This means 106 teams have made the Super Bowl and 63 of these appearances have been represented by cold weather teams and 34 times they have been champions. While the warm weather teams account for only 36 of super bowl appearances! Cold weather teams almost have as many wins in the ” Big Game ” as the warm weather teams have appearances. Let the debate begin!

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