Foles Gold!

Why Nick Foles is quickly proving that the Jaguars have missed on another QB.

When you say Jacksonville the first thing that comes to mind isn’t great quarterback play, instead what may come to mind is quarterback misses. Nick Foles signed a 4 year deal $88 million with the Jacksonville Jaguars just over nine months ago. The Jaguars are not even a quarter of the way through Nick Foles contract and there are already serious concerns. Foles is now 0-3 as a starter in Jacksonville and has yet to show any signs of promise. This is just one example of why the Jaguars are terrible evaluators of talent. When I say that I am specifically talking about their evaluations on where the team is at and on quarterbacks. This past march the Jaguars decided to bet all their chips on a career backup quarterback. You maybe wondering when is the last time signing a backup quarterback to a big deal has worked out and the answer to that is a very long time. The most recent example of a backup quarterback getting a big pay day is Mike Glennon who was a career backup for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and signed a 3 year $45 million deal with the Chicago Bears. Glennon’s play was so lack luster that the Bears released Glennon 1 year into his 3 year deal. Now by no means am I saying the Jaguars are going to release Foles this offseason, but what I am saying is if they want to compete in the NFL something they haven’t really done since entering the league in 1995 with only 8 winning seasons in their 23 years of existence and only 1 winning season in the last 11 years. The Jaguars need to find their future franchise quarterback in the draft like many successful teams do, but the reason the Jaguars went through free agency could be because they are scared to take a quarterback in the first round. After all the three quarterbacks they have taken in the first round are Byron Leftwich, Blaine Gabbert and Blake Bortles. So I think it is safe to say they don’t have a knack for drafting quarterbacks, but there is hope in Jacksonville because the Jaguars recently traded away their star cornerback Jalen Ramsay for two first round picks and both their picks in this years draft are likely to be in the top twenty selections. The Jaguars must invest in the future and draft a quarterback in the first round this year and stop thinking about winning now because we all know they are not good enough to win a super bowl with this roster. The Jaguars need to find what prospect is their future at quarterback or the loyal Jaguars fans may just have to wait another 11 years for a winning season.

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