Vanderbilt vs Florida

Vanderbilt took a tough loss to South Carolina Saturday, 24-7. The main reason for the big loss is Vanderbilt’s top two quarterbacks (Mo Hasan; Riley Neal) were injured and one of our best wide reciever’s (Kalija Lipscomb) was out. There were a few more injuries as well, but Vanderbilt is going to have to put this game behind them because this Saturday Vanderbilt will be facing Florida. Not only that, but Vanderbilt will be playing at Florida as well. This is a big game considering this may be Vanderbilt’s chance to get into a bowl game.

Gametime: This game will be played Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville Florida. The game will start at 11:00 A.M. Florida has a jaw dropping 96.9% chance to win this game too. Last year Vanderbilt lost to Florida 37-27.

The main ways Vanderbilt has a chance to stay in this game and win is the whole team is going to have to be on their “A” game. If Mo Hasan or Riley Neal or able to come back from their injuries they will have to be well aware of Florida’s great defense and the O line in front of them will have to block well so that the D line for Florida doesn’t destroy Vanderbilt’s QB’s. 2 other players who will have to play incredibly well are KeShawn Vaughn and Kalija Lipscomb. It is unknown if Kalija Lipsomb will be back in time for Saturday’s game, but if he is many are confident he will shine vs Florida. Then KeShawn Vaughn. He is a top RB in the SEC and many are confident he will shine too, but he has a very important role. To get past Florida’s incredible defense, KeShawn Vaughn will need to run a lot. If he can do that efficiently than that gives Vanderbilt a much bigger chance as well. Last, but certainly not least, is that Vanderbilt’s defense will have to play well. As many of you know, Florida has a great offense and in order to slow their momentum Vanderbilt’s defense will have to play very well.

Overall Vanderbilt doesn’t have a big chance to beat Florida, but if they all communicate well and play well then they have a chance. I hope you enjoyed the article.

Article written by Tailgate Vandy

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