MLB playoff picture

The 2019 MLB playoff teams have been set.  Some teams- the Yanks, Astros, and Dodgers- are no surprise.  But some teams- the Braves, Athletics, and Cardinals- are a bit of a surprise.  In a league where the umpires don’t rig every game, parody is abundant. This ia what makes the pennant races, and in turn the playoffs, exciting`  The NL wild card game between the Nats and the Brewers will be intesting. How did the Brew Crew even make it this far without 2018 NL MVP Christian Yelich?  The winner of this game will play the Dodgers, who everyone expected to be here. The other NLDS matchup, Cards vs Braves, will be interesting. Can Goldy and the Cardinals’ exploit the Braves’ starters, or will Acuna steal a series.  In the AL, the A’s take on the Rays in the winner take all wild card games. The victor of that matchup will play the ‘Stros and three headed rotation. Then there’s the Twins and Yanks, who can both hit bombs like nothing. It’s set up to be a fun playoff.

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