Heisman Standings: After Week 1

The opening week of College Football is in the books, with the exception of the Notre Dame/Louisville game tonight, and it was full of exciting games and big time performances. Let’s take a look at MY Top 5 in the Heisman after Week 1.

5. Jonathon Taylor, Running Back, Wisconsin

The junior had a good game against South Florida. Taylor had 135 yards on the ground and 48 yards receiving, totaling 4 touchdowns (2 rush, 2 receiving). I fully expect Taylor to rise in these rankings throughout the season, but he just had a slow start.

4. Travis Etienne, Running Back, Clemson

I have Etienne over Taylor because he had more of an impact for his team. Trevor Lawrence struggled for Clemson (168 yards, TD, 2 INT’s) and Etienne helped carry his team to victory with 205 yards on the ground and 3 touchdowns. I don’t see Lawrence struggling like he did all season, but if he does, Ettienne will continue to rise.

3. Justin Fields, Quarterback, Ohio State

I didn’t know what to expect out of Fields, all I knew is that he was going to be a huge factor in how the Buckeyes play, and he was. Fields threw for 234 yards and 4 TD’s, with no INT’s and totaled 61 yards and a touchdown on the ground. I think if he continues to play like this, he definitely has a shot at the Heisman.

2. Tua Tagovailoa, Quarterback, Alabama

Tagovailoa picked up right where he left of last season, continuing to put up big numbers while being efficient. He threw for 336 yards and 4 TD’s with 0 INT’s. Although Alabama struggled to open the game, Tua guided the Tide to an easy win, and he could guide himself to a Heisman trophy if he continues this high level of play.

And coming in at #1, who else could it be…

Jalen Hurts, Quarterback, Oklahoma

Hurts was unbelievable last night vs Houston. He threw for 332 yards, 3 TD’s and 0 INT’s and completed 87% of his passes. If that wasn’t enough, he also ran for 176 yards and 3 TD’s. It was a historic performance and if he continues to play like this, it’s going to be a runaway.

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