USC, a known college that has history on their side, had a losing season. Could they be led back by Clay Helton and the new OC Graham Harrell? On top of all of this they have the number four wide receiving core in the country and that means USC’s corner-backs will be some of the best in the game if they can clamp down the wide receivers.

Graham Harrell a quarterback himself who is the fourth leading quarterback in yards (15,793). He has groomed quarterbacks such as Michael Crabtree. So who is not to say that he can turn JT Daniels into a top five quarterback in 2019. With Graham’s air raid offense can they reach a NY6 game? This question is being asked: What QB will start for the Trojans? Well most people say it will be JT Daniels because he has a year of being the starting QB under his belt.

The offense has multiple slots that will succeed what analysis have been saying. Yes, Amon Ra St. Brown, Michael Pittman Jr, and Tyler Vaughns will be the top receivers on the team. But another player that might do really well is Devon Williams. He was the number one wide receiver of his class. Last year Michael Pittman Jr had 758 receiving yards and averaged 18.5 yards per play. Amon Ra St Brown had 750 receiving yards and averaged 12.5 yards per play. Tyler Vaughns had 674 receiving yards and averaged 11.6 yards per play. In the four receptions Devon Williams had during the 2018 season he had 87 receiving yards and averaged 21.8 yards per play.

The defense is the scariest part. Nobody really knows how good the defense will be this year. Two main seniors Porter Gustin and Cam Smith had left for the draft this year. So, really the defense is left with Christian Rector, John Houston Jr, and Jay Tufele. There are still a variety of other players that will have an impact year this year such as Olaijah Griffen and Isaac Taylor-Stuart.

Could this be the bounce back year for the Trojans?

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