2019 MLB playoff predictions

The 2019 MLB playoffs are about a month away and the ten participating teams are relatively unknown.  Here are my predictions for the ten teams and the rankings: in the NL, the Dodgers have a substantial lead and are as close to possible to locks.  No. 2 will be the Braves, where Ronal Acuna Jr is emerging and recent waiver addition Billy Hamilton is already making an impact. The final NL division winner is going to be the Cardinals, who will edge out the Cubs by a few games.  For the two wildcards, I have the Cubs in 4th and the Nationals in 5th. I believe the Cubs will overcome their current 4-game deficit behind Baez getting hot. As for the AL, the Yankees, with their power heavy lineup, will be the top seed.  The Astros, with two Cy Young candidate starters and Zack Greinke, will finish hot on the Yanks tail. The Twins round out my division winners, barely defeating the Indians. For the wildcard teams, I think the tribe will wind up fourth with the A’s finishing in fifth.  This is all barring injury, and probably will change.

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