Tigers season winds down

The Detroit Tigers are abysmal this year..  At 118 games into the season, they have won 36 games, which would tie the for the fewest ever wins in MLB history (1916 Philadelphia Athletics).  In the rest of this article, I will address their team holes, how to fill them,and what to expect next season. First off, the outfield struggles with routine.  Part of the problem is that Gardy puts Niko Goodrum in CF, and then says “we need to clean up the errors”. The youth of Demeritte, Stewart and Reyes is another issue that will hopefully iron itself out.  Next season, however, with a healthy Jacoby, there should be four serviceable outfielders on the major league roster. Now for the infield, a third-baseman should be a priority. If Candelario can get his bat to perk up, he’s our third baseman.  However, I do not think Lugo will stick at the major league level. This would mean that, if Candy can’t do it, the Tigers would need to look elsewhere for a third baseman. I do believe that Niko should be the long-term SS, as he hit best when he played solely at short.  Castro is what I think to be an exceptional ballplayer, and he should handle the everyday second base job. Finally, first belongs to Dixon, UNLESS, Candy and Lugo both hit too well to be sent down to AAA, in which case all three should remain on the 25-man roster. I do believe Jake Rogers is the favorite to catch next year, with Greiner as his backup.  All of these moves, along with the DFA’ing Hicks and Mercer, should (assuming none of the September call-ups stick) be the opening day starter for next season. As for pitching, I think Norris, Boyd, Turnbull, Fulmer, and probably Jackson are the starters to begin the season. In the pen I would have Jimenez, Farmer, Alexander, Soto and Verhagen as locks.  The next three would depend on of course, the farm and what happens in the next five weeks and who is available this summer. Overall, I believe this team is headed in the right direction.

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