Pros and Cons of Zeke Holdout

As everyone knows by now Dallas Cowboys star RB Ezekiel Elliott is holding out for a new contract. As we are unsure of exactly what he is looking to get in his deal, we do know that he has a top 5 deal already on the table, that he has yet to counteroffer. Everyone believes the Cowboys are set for failure without Zeke, but why ? Let’s look at some pros and cons of this holdout situation.

The biggest con from all of this is how it will effect QB Dak Prescott, he struggled last time he went without Zeke. When Zeke was suspended it was also Daks first time without his star RB, it lingered around the first few weeks of the season and really knocked some of the team chemistry. Another con is that you’re most experienced RB on the roster is Alfred Morris, nothing against Morris but he is aging and he probably could not handle a full workload. If the Cowboys do up the top 5 offer, that takes away from being able to spend & extend their other needs. They have big names on defense that are going to need a new deal soon, the defense arguably carried the team in most games last season so losing out on some of those guys could really hurt.

The biggest pro from this big mess is that Dak will learn to win without having Elliott in the backfield. He will finally have a chance to prove himself. Another good thing that has come from this is the emergence of Tony Pollard, Pollard has flashed great potential so far in training camp. In his first preseason game Pollard rushed for 16 yards on 4 carries, odd numbers for a rookie in preseason, only notching one drive. The team believes in Pollard & he could end up being a steal of the draft.

Will the Cowboys have as bad of a season as everyone is predicting, will Ezekiel Elliott return by week 1 ?

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