Duke survives UCF

Score is 76-73, Duke needs 3 to win. Zion Takes the ball and drives in for the lay up, and draws a foul, and One. Zion in one of his most important free throws in his young career. He misses it, but RJ Barret comes up and with the rebound and lays it in. 77-76 Duke. 8 seconds left UCF calls a timeout, to draw up one final play to up set duke. BJ Taylor Has is. Taylor drives in he lays it up, HE MISSES IT, but Aubrey Dawkins tips it, the ball twirled around the rim AND IT DIDN’T GO IN DUKE WINS.

This was probably one of the best games of this NCAA tournament. UCF put their heart and soul into this game with an insane performance by Aubrey Dawkins (32 points) and the 7’6 beast Tacko Fall (15 points). Duke got lucky, even Coach K admitted it. Zion did Zion like things. Zion stole the show recording a double double with 32 points and 11 rebounds. UCF put so much heart and soul into this game, but Duke came out on top.

Coach K and Coach Johnny Dawkins Were very aquatinted. Coach K when he just started coaching at Duke coach Johnny Dawkins. Coach K watch this man grow up and become a Great coach. Dawkins went toe to toe with one of the greatest coach’s in the history of basketball. It was such a Emotional moment for both of these guys. This moment will never be forgotten by anyone.

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