LSU Wins at the Buzzer!

LSU survives against Maryland after Maryland makes a comeback. LSU started off hot and took a lead that they would lose until there were only five minutes left in the game. Both teams were coming of big first round games where they were both almost upset. Maryland barely edged out Belmont and LSU was almost upset by Yale after leading by 17. This was the second game in a row that LSU almost lost after leading by 15 or more.

Maryland starting making a comeback in the last couple of minutes leading up to half. They cut a 15 point lead with a little more than one minute to go to a 9 point lead at the half. LSU worked the lead back up to 15 with 16 minutes to play. Then Maryland went on a run and eventually tied the game with about six minutes to play. Maryland then took their fist lead of the game which was three points. LSU quickly tied it and then Maryland was up two again a minute 45 to play. It was then a tie game with LSU with the ball with only 28 seconds to play.

Tremont Waters hit a shot he will never forget. He drove to the hoop and made a crazy lay up with 1.6 seconds to play. Maryland was unable to make a 3/4 court shot which sent LSU to the sweet sixteen!

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