The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Stadiums (NFL Edition)

Many NFL Stadiums have rich history: Lambeau Field, Heinz Field, Soldier Field, etc. Today we are going to be looking at one of the Best NFL Stadiums: AT&T Field.

AT&T Field ,formerly known as Cowboy Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys. This field has been home to the Cowboys for 10-11 seasons. The seating Capacity is 65,675. AT&T Stadium is home to One of the world’s largest high-definition video screens. The concession stand holds a variety of food products including: fire-roasted turkey burgers, gourmet nachos, sushi, and the traditional Concession stand Food.

Walking into AT&T stadium you see a restaurant. This restaurant is the Stadium Club. This restaurant is a mixture between Sport bar and nice sit down and dine restaurant. It lays at 19,000 square foot near the pro shop.  “The Stadium Club will not only provide great dining experience, but it will also offer a game day atmosphere, that can only be captured at the stadium, every day of the week,” as stated by Cowboys Chief Operating Officer Stephen Jones. The Stadium Club includes large seamless video walls surrounding each bar, video walls behind the host stand and 20 flat screens throughout the restaurant. Some items on The Stadium Clubs menu are hand-crafted cocktails, wood-fired specialties, Italian stone oven flatbreads, and Especially Wings (Football fans favriote food).

AT&T Stadium has hosted so many Great Moments in NFL history. AT&T stadium hosted Super Bowl XLV. Many Greats have played on this field Troy Aikman, Tony Romo, and Herschel Walker. AT&T stadium is by far one of the best Stadium in NFL History.

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