Big Ten in the Big Dance!

As we all know, Selection Sunday was this past Sunday. 11 different conferences were given at least two or more teams. The Big Ten led with eight teams in the tournament. followed by the ACC with 7, the SEC with 7, the Big 12 with 6, the American with 4, the Big East with 4, the Pac 12 with 3, and the Mountain west, West Coast, Ohio Valley, and the Atlantic Ten all with two.

The Big Ten teams that will be participating in the 2019 NCAA Tournament are Michigan State, a 2 seed, Michigan, a 2 seed, Purdue, a 3 seed, Wisconsin, a 5 seed, Maryland, a 6 seed, Iowa, a 10 seed, Minnesota, a 10 seed, and lastly Ohio State, an 11 seed.

The Big Ten Conference has not had a national championship since the year 2000. Maryland, who is now in the Big Ten, won it in 2002 but at the time was an ACC school. With eight teams from the conference getting in to the Big Dance they will hope to bring in a national championship for the first time in 19 years.

And for the teams that will be competing for an NIT championship, Indiana and Nebraska are in that tournament. Indiana as a 1 seed and Nebraska as a 4 seed. Penn State dominated the NIT last year earning their second NIT title since 2009. The Big Ten has also won the NIT 5 times since the turn of the century.

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