Players On The Move

Yesterday, we saw two defensive players traded to new homes.

The Cleveland Browns and the New York Giants worked out a deal to send defensive end, Olivier Vernon, to Cleveland in return for guard, Kevin Zeitler. This was a pretty fair trade in my opinion. After the Browns released Jamie Collins earlier this week, they instantly found a solid guy to help get after the quarterback in Olivier Vernon. In 2018, Vernon had 30 tackles and 7 sacks. Those numbers will translate for Cleveland’s tenacious defense. Then, on the Giants’ side, they were able to score and get a solid guard in Kevin Zeitler. The offensive line was weak last year, and this will help the offense as a whole. Plus it’ll have Saquon Barkley some more running lanes. Now all the Giants need is a quarterback…

In another trade, we saw the Philadelphia Eagles sending pass-rusher, Michael Bennett, to the New England Patriots in exchange for swapping 5th and 7th round picks in the 2020 NFL Draft. The patriots pick up another solid piece on defense, especially if Trey Flowers walks like expected. The Eagles receive compensation, but nothing to be used right away. So my winner of that trade: Patriots.

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