What is Wrong with Quentin Grimes?

Quentin Grimes was an elite 5 star recruit coming into the season. In high school he earned the description of a great shooter that also could attack the rim.

Kansas was scheduled to play a deep Michigan State team for their first game. Scoring would be inevitable for both of those teams but a question arose. Would the freshman guard be able to compete against a seasoned Spartans roster?

Grimes stepped up to the table, putting up 21 points, going 6/10 from three point land. Grimes also added 4 assists and 1 rebound to his stat line as the Jayhawks bypassed the Spartans 92-87. The future looked very bright for Quentin Grimes and this preseason #1 ranked Jayhawks team.

In the following games, the production of 5 star combo guard Quentin Grimes would slip as he only averaged roughly 5 points over the next 5 games.

Grimes came into the Sunflower Showdown on Monday only averaging 7.5 points and shooting 31.8% from behind the arc. Another question rises. Is Quentin Grimes in a slump or did he just have a lucky shooting game in the Jayhawks’ first matchup?

Throughout high school, Grimes was always one step ahead of the competition due to the fact that he was able to bully opponents by utilizing his 6’5”, 210 pound frame. Essentially, he was able to create shots for himself by using his size and strength to his advantage.

Usually freshmen like Quentin struggle early on but are able to adapt their game. His inability to do so has really taken a toll on him and it continues to derail his confidence.

With that being said, Quentin Grimes is still an uber talented player but he needs to realize that he is not a combo guard and must adjust to his position as a wing player. Once he can bypass the mental toll that this is taking on him he has the potential to become a very necessary asset for the Jayhawks.

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