Three Landing Spots for Wide Receiver, John Ross

The Cincinnati Bengals are looking to trade former first-round pick, John Ross.

The speedy wide receiver came on to the scene this season, scoring seven touchdowns. However, Ross did miss some time due to an injury and only racked up 210 receiving yards. A fresh start might be a good situation for the young receiver.

Here are three potential landing spots for Ross that make sense:

1. Denver Broncos

The Broncos need to kick start their offense and John Ross gives them that speedy receiver to lengthen the field. Yes, the still have Emmanuel Sanders, but he is getting up there and coming off of an torn-Achilles. Lining Ross opposite of Courtland Sutton could be a really nice duo as the Broncos look to find a team of the future.

2. Chicago Bears

While the Bears have weapons, it wouldn’t hurt to add another one to the arsenal. Taylor Gabriel is a speedy receiver, but John Ross brings his youth as well as big play-making ability. Plus, who says you can’t have more than one? Outside of Allen Robinson and Trey Burton, they don’t have a lot of receivers for Trubisky to get the ball to. Especially since it appears that receiver, Kevin White, will not be with the team next year.

3. Carolina Panthers

Carolina has never had a true no. 1 receiver. It’s possible that Ross could be that. Plus wide receiver Torrey Smith, is getting older. The Panthers could use a fresh receiver to help their passing offense. Devin Funchess might be no longer on the team next season and Curtis Samuel could use some help. Carolina has always had make-shift guys at the position, but bringing Ross in could help solidify that issue.

Wherever Ross ends up, it’s bound to help his career as well as the team. Wide receivers that can fly down that field are highly valuable as we’ve seen with Tyreek Hill in Kansas City.

(Written by Seth Cohen, a Tailgate Athletics writer and owner of @tailgatenflnews on Instagram.)

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