Utah Decides Championships Aren’t Important, Stick With Rubio at Point Guard

The 2019 NBA trade deadline has come and gone, and the Jazz didn’t make a move. Days before the deadline news broke that the Jazz were looking to acquire Point Guard Mike Conley from Memphis, and talks got serious the day before, but Memphis decided to keep the star 30 minutes before the 3:00 pm deadline. Utah had plenty of time to contact other teams about their guard situation, but it seems as though Utah decided to stick with their current roster till the end of the year.

Rubio has not had an ideal year in Utah, averaging 13 points a game 6 assists and 3 turnovers a game, and shooting 32% for 3 pointers in his second year with the team. Rubio is in his last year of his contract with the Jazz and it wouldn’t be ideal for them to bring him back, he isn’t too popular with the fan base, and he isn’t a franchise guard that Utah can build around like Donovan Mitchell.

Derrick Favors was also rumored to be in a trade by today, but no deal was made. He signed a two year deal with Utah over the offseason, but hasn’t shown any reason that Utah should keep in the starting rotation going forward because he is not putting up the numbers that fit into what Utah is looking for in the Power Forward spot. It looked like the Jazz could make a move for Nikola Mirotić but for a second straight year the rumors didn’t amount to anything. Utah has started Forward Jae Crowder at Power Forward, and has proved to fit right in, but look to Favors when they need size against different opponents.

Fans showed their discontent about the teams lack of aggression on social media, calling out them for wanting to be average, and a first round exit, some even calling for GM Dennis Lindsey to step down because he doesn’t seem to care about winning, instead just thinking about team chemistry, although Jae Crowder and Kyle Korver both showed how easy it is to fit in with the team, both getting valuable minutes, and proving to be useful in the scheme Head Coach Quin Snyder uses for the team.

It doesn’t seem as if Utah will make any drastic moves for awhile, and seem to be ok with being at best a second round team. GM Dennis Lindsey needs to pursue ways to make the team a better offensive team to go along with their outstanding defense. Maybe then Utah could make a run through the playoffs.

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