Nick Foles Buys Freedom, will be a Free Agent

Earlier today, the Philadelphia Eagles picked up the $20 million option on quarterback Nick Foles. However, a few hours later, Nick Foles bought out of the deal with $2 million.

The legend will now be a free agent this March. Foles stepped in not once, but twice for the injured, Carson Wentz. The first time, they won the Super Bowl and he was deemed the MVP of the game. This year, they came oh so close to beating the Saints.

Now it’s time for the veteran to see if he can find a starting role in the NFL. He’ll be a big name to watch, he probably won’t last long.

So this concludes the legend of Nick Foles in Philadelphia. We’ll have to see where he ends up.

(Written by Seth Cohen, a writer for Tailgate Athletics who also runs @tailgatenflnew on Instagram.)

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