Murray Declares for NFL Draft

Kyler Murray Declares for NFL Draft Without Violation of MLB Rules.

Via Mercury News Staff, Title Image via Jeff Chiu/AP Photo Staff

“I have declared for the NFL draft.” Murray said in blunt words on Twitter at 2:23, January 14.

The Oakland Athletics 9th Overall pick has decided to keep his options open and declare for the NFL draft. Yet, by declaring for the draft, he is still eligible to play for the A’s this upcoming spring.

In the spring of 2018, the A’s agreed to give Murray a minor league deal, with a $4.66 million signing bonus.

His main reason for wanting to play in the NFL (yet he has 72 hours to change his mind) is a bigger signing bonus. This may sound exciting and refreshing to hear of another 2-Sport athlete, yet his draft stock is seemingly lower than expected because of his 5’10, 195 lb. stature. The average mock draft has him going mid-late first round.

In an attempt to sway his interest towards the MLB, Billy Beane and the Oakland front office are willing to offer him a deal for more money, whilst offering him a spot on the 40-man roster.

Who knows about his future? Will he end up like Bo, great in both sports, or like Deion Sanders, only good at one? I guess only time will tell, 2 facts are evident, though, Murray is truly athletically able to continue a Heisman-like legacy in the MLB and/or NFL. And, bad news for Sooner fans, Murray will follow his predecessor, Baker Mayfield, and will depart from Oklahoma Univeristy early.

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