Chargers’ Antonio Gates, Wants to Return to Chargers

Chargers’ Antonio Gates isn’t ready to call it a career yet.

The 16-year veteran showed he still had some moves yesterday when he ran a corner route, boxed out a defender, and pulled in a touchdown in the waning moments of yesterday’s loss to New England.

The veteran tight end, doesn’t want to end on a poor note saying, “I just don’t see myself walking away with this taste.” The Chargers lost 41-28, but the Patriots dominated them from start to finish. Gates wants to be a part of the team next season as he believes they’ll be even better.

However, the NFL is a two way business and Gates understand that. While he shows interest in the Chargers, the Chargers need to show interest in him.

With tight end, Hunter Henry, coming back next season full healthy, we’ll have to see how the Chargers play this situation. Gates was still able to get open this season, but it was clear he didn’t have that same explosion he had earlier on his career. Is he worth the roster spot?

“I’ll have to sit down with the head coach and the people that make these decisions and express how motivated I am,” Gates said.

If this is the end of Antonio Gates’ time with the Chargers, what a career it was. However, for now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

(Written by Seth Cohen, a Tailgate writer who also runs @tailgatenflnews on Instagram.)

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