Adam Vinatieri Doesn’t Plan on Retiring

Colts’ Kicker and future Hall of Famer, Adam Vinatieri, had one of his worst outings in a loss on Saturday to the Chiefs. The ageless wonder missed a 23-yard field goal before the end of the half and then missed an extra point later.

Vinatieri, at age 46, still has no plans to retire despite Saturday’s game to forget. He still wants to play and keep his kicking shoes laced up.

Vinatieri will be a free agent this offseason after finishing a 1-year deal with the Colts. He’d more than likely have another deal like that, should he choose to keep playing.

“I haven’t made a decision yet,” Vinatieri told the Indy Star, “I’ll spend a week or two and just see where we’re at.”

Adam Vinatieri set the record for most points scored in NFL history earlier this season, and missing two field goals isn’t how he probably envisioned his last game. He showed plenty of times this year that he’s still got a lot of juice left in that leg of his.

Vinatieri is the NFL’s older active player and with the Colts having a successful year, it’s hard to think he won’t want to stick around for another crack at a playoff run.

For now, we’ll be left on a suspenseful note, wondering if we’ve seen the last of Adam Vinatieri.

(Written by Seth Cohen, a Tailgate writer who also runs @tailgatenflnews on Instagram.)

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