Where will Jalen Hurts Go? Here are the odds…

Hurts announced his plans to transfer from the program for his final year of eligibility. As a graduate transfer, Hurts is immediately eligible to play for the university he transfers to.

Jalen Hurts is 26-2 as a starter at Alabama and lead the Crimson Tide to two national championships (2016,2017). He is one of the most highly praised transfers in the NCAA transfer pool in recent memory. He came in for a injured Tua Tagovailoa in the SEC Championship game to comeback and win 35-28 against the #4 Georgia Bulldogs.

So, where will he go?

Well, according to the oddsmakers at, Maryland is the favorite to land Hurts, with Miami coming in as a close second.

Hurts visited Maryland on Friday night and plans to visit the Hurricanes in the coming days. He has connections to both programs – Maryland head coach Mike Locksley was Alabama offensive coordinator in 2018, while Miami’s offensive coordinator Dan Enos was the quarterbacks coach at Alabama last season.

Here are the odds:

Maryland +200

Miami +300

Field (any program) +400

TCU +500

Auburn +600

Houston +700

Tennessee +800

Florida State +800

Alabama +900

Arkansas +900

Florida +900

Oklahoma +1000

Florida Atlantic +1000

Arizona +1000

Nebraska +1500

(According to mybookie.org)

It is certain that Miami and Maryland are currently in lead right now according to the oddsmakers. However, it was reported that Jalen Hurts visited Oklahoma, where Lincoln Riley has had two Heisman-Winners in a row which both were transfers (Baker Mayfield: Texas Tech, Kyler Murray: Texas A&M). However, Maryland and Miami would be great places where he has experience with the coaches and would most likely start right away. Jalen Hurts is also looking to extend his college education in Sports Management.

Where will Jalen go? Who knows…but only time will tell.

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