Rams Run Past Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys Vs. L.A. Rams Recap:

The L.A. Rams will now wait and see who they’ll play in the NFC Championship next week after beating the Dallas Cowboys 30-22.

The Rams offense racked up almost 300 yards of rushing offense tonight as Todd Gurley and C.J. Anderson ran all over the Dallas defense. Anderson had 123 yards and 2 touchdowns while Gurley had 115 yards with 1 touchdown.

Quarterback, Jared Goff played a clean game throwing no interceptions. The Rams we’re back to firing in all cylinders tonight.

The Rams’ shut down running back, Ezekiel Elliott, holding him to 47 rushing yards and 1 touchdown. Dak threw for 266 and a touchdown to Amari Cooper. But the Rams defense continuously got off the field and made crucial stops when they had to.

Meanwhile, after taking an early 7-3 lead, the Cowboys struggled to get anything going trailing at the half, 20-7. The defense was beaten up on the ground and couldn’t always make the initial tackle. Dallas looked to have some momentum in the third, scoring, and making it 23-15, but then struggled again. They made it close, but tonight was a night for the Rams.

Now the Rams will either host the Eagles or head to New Orleans to play the Saints. Either way it’s a rematch in which the Rams will be seeking revenge.

As for the Cowboys, a great season has come to an end. The Boys will be back, they always are.

(Written by Seth Cohen, a Tailgate writer who also runs @tailgatenflnews on Instagram.)

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