Could This Be A USC Repeat?

USC Football over the past year has been horrible. The comeback could be starting again. As soon as Paul Hackett was fired back in 2000, Pete Carroll was hired as USCs fifth choice. USC could be even worse next year as they went (5-7) this year. Now that USC has lost Kliff Kingsbury, Lynn Swann, the athletic director might do a clean house of getting rid of every coach. If USC gets rid of Clay Helton there might be a whole new head coach to take USC on to a New Years Bowl Game.

Overall plenty of USC fans were mad with how the season went. USC had injuries like no other and a freshman quarterback. Although, JT Daniels the freshman quarterback was the national Gatorade player of the year, he did not play to expectance. At one point in the season plenty of USC fans was wanting backup QB Jack Sears to start as QB.

It was proposed that once Kingsbury started really working at USC that he would control the entire offense without Helton having a say in what happens. More reporters have been saying that Helton will have a say in what happens with any other offensive coordinator. So, USC might be repeating itself by making a situation happen of starting over to get a new coach. Back when USC had this happen USC won three back to back National titles.

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